Pigeon Repellent Sounds


Using sound is becoming an increasingly more popular pigeon repellent product to deter them and the damage they cause to property, roofs, machinery, parking lots, driveways, fences, and the list goes on.  Sounds are effective ways to deter pigeons because they are not harmful, and do not require any kind of application.

Using sound as a pigeon repellent is a preferred method because it is looked at as a way to teach the pigeons that a particular area is off limits.  Electronic sound alarms are safe for all bird types, as well as humans.

Types of Pigeon Repellent Sounds

Sonic: A sonic pigeon repellent uses sound waves to deter the pigeons from flying in a “restricted” area.  It uses naturally recorded bird distress signals as well as predator calls to confuse, frighten, and disorient the pigeons in a wide range.  Loudspeakers are used to propel the sound to deter the pigeons.

Considered a natural pigeon repellent, sonic sounds are an effective and non-harmful way of protecting your property.

Ultrasonic: An ultrasonic pigeon repellent is different than sonic in that the sound waves are silent to humans, making for a comfortable environment for the home, as well as for places of business where customers come and go.

The use of sound is a highly recommended way of getting rid of pigeons, most often used in conjunction with other products such as pigeon sprays/gels, or visual deterrents.


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