Pigeon Repellent


Pigeon Repellent: When do I need it?

Pigeons can be a real nuisance in all types of areas from urban to rural, apartment life to dorm balconies, farms to parks, and the list goes on.  The need for pigeon repellent becomes necessary for many reasons, especially when they are causing damage to the area they flock to, not to mention the diseases they can spread.

Pigeons are notorious for causing significant damage to a wide variety of things from roofs and decks, aluminum siding and screening, to vehicles, machinery, and other property.  The main reason pigeons cause so much damage is due to their droppings, which is more than just an odor problem.  Finding a pigeon repellent will also help to alleviate the feathers that have accumulated, as well as preventing additional damage and loss to property.

Know the Facts About the Use of Pigeon Repellent

  •  It is not always easy to rid your area of pigeons, so it may be necessary to call in the professionals
  • You must take proper precautions to keep yourself and others around you safe when using a pigeon repellent
  • Take action to get rid of pigeons when you first notice they are a problem, don’t wait until the damage is wide spread
  • Using only one form of pigeon repellent may not solve your pigeon problem on the first try.  You may need to try a combination of things from natural pigeon repellent to pigeon repellent spray/gel, and even pigeon repellent sounds.
  • The investment in prevention will typically be cheaper than damage control
  • You must take into consideration the clean-up of the pigeon damage as well as the use of a pigeon repellent

Pigeon Repellent: Take Preventive Measures

As mentioned earlier, prevention is one of the most important aspects of keeping your property pigeon free.  The most effective way of taking preventive measures is to try many different things, not relying on just one form of prevention.

One form of precaution as well pigeon repellent is something called pigeon spikes, one of the most widely used pigeon repellent products.  Bird spikes prevent pigeons from being able to land in that spot, and keeps them free of injury.  The dense pattern of pins makes it impossible for pigeons to land, encouraging them to find a different place to set down.

Pigeon spikes are almost invisible once installed and provide one of the best forms of natural pigeon repellent.  Available for purchase at most home improvement stores, pigeon spikes are easily installed by gluing onto any window, ledge, or pipe where pigeons typically roost.


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